Mary Jane’s Secrets


We are a non profit making society, with all our services paid for by the membership fees. Los Secretos de Maria(Mary’s secrets) offers a  place where people can purchase and enjoy cannabis, in private without the problems associated with the black market. Members learn about responsible consumption, discuss their experiences and participate in organised activities and discussions.

We are open from monday to friday from three to ten (15-22h), saturdays  from one to eight (13-20h). Spanish national holidays front 15h to 20h.

Madrid is one of the most fun and exciting cities in Europe. The Secrets of Mary is a Legal Cannabis Social Club in Madrid (Spain), we  have opened a new feature which makes visiting this city a must. Finding cannabis in Madrid is simple if you follow these steps.With the wide variety of cannabis, enjoying Madrid is a pleasent experience with quality ensured. You can choose from the best marijuana, expect top service and have an unforgettable experience.

You don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join Los Secretos de Maria  cannabis club in Madrid. Currently, there is no law that forbids foreigners from registering in a cannabis club in Spain. We  will take foreign IDs (passport or driver’s license) as a valid form of identification but others may only accept Spanish IDs. Student IDs are not valid forms of identification.

When contacting the club, it is important to quote your nationality/residency to prevent a last ­minute setback.

Remember: you must provide a Spanish address for registration purposes. We won’t send you any mail to that address, so don’t make it a big deal.

Before becoming a member, you MUST meet certain requirements.

Please do not overlook any of them.

  • According to Spanish law, an 18 year­ old is considered a legal adult. In principle, it is legal for an 18 year old to consume cannabis but we only accept 21 years as the minimum age.

Therefore, it is important to quote your age when contacting the club. It will save you time.

  • Resquest an Invitation: In order to join our cannabis club in Madrid, an existing member must endorse you. If you don’t know anybody, you can send the club an email and request an invitation. We will normally reply immediately.
    No guests or visitors allowed: Don’t show up with an entourage. Only come with people that are going to become members. Don’t leave anyone waiting outside the club.
    Pay annual membership fee.
    Always carry an ID with you: Everyone that comes to the club must carry a form of identification. Even before becoming a member.

WARNING: For your own safety, stay away from street promoters. They are scam artists. They are not what they say they are. They are normally thieves or pickpockets.

Unlicensed cannabis clubs may open from 12:00pm to 12:00am. They are fake tourist traps, with cheap membership registration fees, low quality products and very high prices at the dispensary. Stay away from clubs that:

  • Use street promoters
  • Use fake names on the Internet
  • Use Internet promoters or intermediaries